Why is makeup important? – More reasons than you think

There is no doubt that makeup is in fashion today. Every time I go online, I see a lot of information about new products, new techniques, and a lot of reviews. Personally, none of this bothers me. In fact, I love makeup, and I devour each news, and each review to be aware of everything that happens in the industry.

Despite the above, not all people feel the same way that me. Some are not interested in makeup, some do not like it, and others just do not understand why is makeup important?.

The focus aim of this post is, therefore, to answer this question, so below, I will tell you which are those reasons that I found.

It helps to improve self-esteem.

We must be clear that how we feel about ourselves is very important, and, in most cases, makeup helps us feel better about our appearance.

I am convinced that this topic generates a lot of controversies. However, there has been research that shows that people with low self-esteem show more confidence in themselves when they use makeup.

In fact, there are therapeutic makeup programs in which people who feel flawed about some part of their appearance are helped to work it with the application of makeup. For example, people with cancer who have lost their eyebrows and/or eyelashes.

I would like to clarify that I am not saying that physical appearance is the most meaningful thing in the world. Neither I’m saying that everyone should wear makeup to look and feel good. What I believe is that: as well as feeling good on the inside reflected on our exterior, sometimes, especially when we do feel bad, improving our surface can make us feel good on the inside.

It helps to hide imperfections

I think it is no secret to anyone that to hide any imperfection is one of the most common uses for makeup.

From people who have very marked scars due to acne or people with chronic diseases such as vitiligo to those who only want to reduce their pores or hide a small stain, makeup is useful to conceal those characteristics that we do not like so much.

Let’s keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and most of us have something that we would like to improve, and makeup is a powerful tool for this purpose.

It is perfect for emphasizing your features.

Another one of the most significant functions of makeup is to accentuate those characteristics that we like the most about our faces.

If you love your lips, you can use a red lipstick that will make people notice them immediately. Or if you like your eyes, well-applied shadows will make you hypnotize anyone with your gaze.

No matter what trait you want to highlight, I am sure there is a product that will help you achieve it.

It helps you look younger.

I know some people believe that makeup can make us look older, and in some cases, these people are absolutely right. Do not forget that makeup can be a double-edged sword. If you apply it in the wrong way, makeup can make the small lines of expression or wrinkles that you have on your face to stand out.

However, if you are good with your hands and know how to use the right products, you can take a couple of years off your face when you apply makeup.

That is, the important thing here is that you must know which are the best products for your age and for your skin type. Besides, you should know how to use them. In this way, makeup can become your best ally when you want to hide one or another wrinkle.

You can transform yourself into whoever you want.

We come to my favorite part, and that is that for me, the best feature of makeup is that it helps you to be the person you want.

This does not mean that, if you want to be like Angelina Jolie, you will be able to become her. What I mean is that if, for example, one day you want to look sexy, makeup can help you to achieve it. And if the next day, you want to look elegant, some products will allow you to do so.

One of the advantages of makeup is that it is versatile, that is, it can adapt to what you are looking for at a particular time. You don’t need all the makeup in the universe for this. You can have only one single shadow palette, but if you know how to apply it properly, it can make you look sexy and/or look natural.

It’s a form of art.

I think the term makeup artist should not be taken lightly. People who have this title have earned it hard. In fact, anywhere on the internet or on social media, it is possible to see how these artists can make real works of art on canvas super complicated as a face.

These people can do any kind of design on an eyelid or on a cheek. They even can transform a person into someone who looks like have come out of a horror movie. They are true masters, and that is why they deserve no less than all our admiration.

The makeup industry generates employment.

As I mentioned earlier, the makeup industry is booming, this means that today, many people receive their livelihood thanks to it.

This industry generates a large number of jobs: From those who help with its manufacture, through those who design the packaging, to the people who sell and apply it, the world of makeup has expanded to such an extent that right now, it is a significant part of the economy.

What do you think now?

I hope that with the previous, you have been able to see the makeup from a different point of view.

I respect the opinions of those who think makeup is superficial and only serves to hide behind it as if it were a mask.

However, I think makeup goes way beyond that. Makeup can help one person become more confident. Another person can take a couple of years off their shoulders, and it can be the livelihood of other people and their families.

In short, from my point of view, the world of makeup goes far beyond what we can observe from the outside and, it can be many things, less superficial.

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