Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Collection – A boring collection?

Rare Beauty Selena Gomez’s makeup brand has surprised us with a new launch. This launch includes two new products, liquid eye shadows, and glosses. Additionally, they show us a new blush formula.

But is it really worth investing your money in these products? Continue reading to find out.

Let’s start by talking about what the brand says about these new products. Based on what they mention, these products are easy to apply and blend.

That means these products can be used even by people who do not know much about makeup as they are easy to work with.

As for the finish, these products make the makeup seem very natural and subtle. The aim of these products, according to the brand, is to show the true colors of people when they are vulnerable.

But let’s talk now about the products that make up the collection.

What products does the collection include?

The collection includes three products, a liquid eye shadow, a blush, and a gloss. These products come in five different shades, which seek to achieve harmony between the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

The above helps that bringing together makeup does not require any effort. You just need to acquire all the products of the same tone. That way, you can achieve an easy, fast, and natural look.

In addition to these products, a brush to apply eye shadows and a cosmetic bag are part of the collection.

Which shades come in the collection?

As I mentioned before, the collection comes in five shades: Nearly Apricot, Nearly Neutral, Nearly Rose, Nearly Berry, and Nearly Mauve.

I consider that the tones go with any type of skin. However, I think for porcelain skin tones, the Nearly Rose and Nearly Apricot tones are super flattering.

On the other hand, the Nearly Berry tone is ideal for deeper skin tones.

And finally, the skins of medium tones are the most favored since any of the shades will look beautiful on their skin tone.

Either way, the shades are pretty, and when applied, they look natural and subtle.

What are its advantages?

Among the advantages of this new collection, I found that:

  • The tones are natural and wearable.
  • The pigments are subtle and pleasant.
  • All products of the same shade applied to the face go very well together and give you a beautiful monochrome look.
  • The formula of the shadows is very creamy, easy to blend.
  • The eyeshadows do not concentrate on the lines of the eyelids. Once they dry, they do not move, and it is not necessary to seal them with powdered products.
  • The shadows can be worked with a brush or with your fingers.
  • The packaging is pretty and feels luxurious.

What are the downsides?

Now let’s talk a bit about what I didn’t like about the collection.

  • Clearly, Rare Beauty is a high-end brand. Therefore, its prices are slightly high.
  • There is not much variety. The collection seeks that we do a look with a single eyeshadow. However, it is hard to create more elaborate styles since you would need to complement the products with other eyeshadows.

Is the collection worth it?

This new collection, like the brand, seeks to highlight the natural beauty of people. Everything from their packaging to the shades they present to us is sober, elegant, and subtle.

Additionally, these new products are following the trends that are currently being seen in the market. The shades are washed out and delicate, making makeup effortless. In fact, this collection even saves you the fatigue of combining the colors of the shadow, blush, and gloss.

If we add to this that the products are super easy to work with and allow you to make a style in a short time, it could be said that the collection is worth it.

However, it is not a collection that I would recommend for everyone. This will depend on your needs and the products you already have in your collection.

If you are a person who is just starting in the makeup world or who has little experience, these products are great to start. With them, you won’t have to try too hard to make them look good. You can do easy, fast, and cute looks.

On the contrary, if you are one of those who like the most elaborate and extravagant makeup looks, these products may not be for you since you will not have much variety.

But now I would like to know what you think: do you like this collection? Do you like this brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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