Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes – What are the looks that suit you the most

You probably already know that eye color is a significant factor when deciding what makeup to use. For this reason, I would like to show you some makeup ideas for blue eyes today.

Before starting, I would like to clarify a few points. First, remember that what I am going to mention are only some ideas that I collected from the web. However, whether you take them or not depends on what you like and what you have available.

On the other hand, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t have blue eyes. However, for this article, I have reviewed many photos of people with blue eyes. With that, I could see that some certain shades and styles highlight these types of eyes color.

For this reason, I took the courage to write this post. My only objective is to share with you what I found and synthesize it in a single article that I hope will be to your liking.

Once these points are clarified, it is time to start with the recommendations to highlight blue eyes.

Tips for daily makeup

I don’t know for you, but for me, daily makeup should be quick and easy. However, this does not mean that we cannot highlight those most striking features or that we like the most.

If your blue eyes are the feature that you like to highlight, but you don’t want a dramatic look, I recommend that you use products that illuminate your gaze.

For this, your best friends will be warm tones. Since blue is a cool shade, warm colors help make it look more eye-catching and stand out.

On the contrary, shades similar to your eye color will make your gaze look dull. This is because, basically, competition would be generated between the color of the shadows and your eyes. Unfortunately, in these cases, neither would be the winner. For this reason, my recommendation is that you avoid shadows in blue tones.

Returning to warm tones, the best colors for you will also depend on your skin tone. If your skin is very fair, use shades of pink, coral, beige, or light brown. If, on the other hand, your skin tone is medium or dark, the golden tones will look fabulous on you.

A quick and easy look

If you want to do this look, you will only need four shades and mascara. Eyeliner is optional.

The first thing you should do is apply a shadow of the same tone as your skin on the entire eyelid from below the eyebrows to the lash line. This will help you even out the color of your eyelid and will make the shadows you put on it blend smoothly.

Afterward, use a matte brown shadow, a little darker than your skin tone. This can be applied from your eyes crease up to a few millimeters below your eyebrow to give depth. Additionally, you can pat a little on the outer corner of your eye to add dimension.

The next step is to illuminate the eyelid. For this, you can use a satin shadow in golden color. I recommend that you wear it on the entire mobile eyelid without overlaying it in the matte brown shadow.

Next, highlight the tear duct and under the arch of the brow with a satin champagne shade or your favorite highlighter.

For the lower eyelid, you only need to apply the matte brown shadow. Finally, apply mascara on the upper-lower lashes, and that’s it. An easy, fast, and beautiful look that will make your eyes look spectacular.

Tips for dramatic makeup

If you want to do a more elaborate and dramatic makeup for a night out or for a special event, the best options are purple or black tones.

These colors will intensify the blue of your eyes and will make you stand out anywhere.

You could also use smoky makeup in brown tones, highlighting with bronze and/or gold colors.

For a dramatic look, I recommend that you use black eyeliner. If you want to add even more drama, you can delineate the water lines, both upper and lower, with black or dark blue eyeliner.

Be careful with this tip; remember that the dark eyeliner on the waterline of the lower eyelid will make your eyes look smaller.

However, I must admit that using a dark-colored pencil on the bottom waterline adds a bit of mystery and drama to your look. So, if it doesn’t affect you that your eyes look smaller, go ahead.

Look in purple tones.

Let’s see now how to do this look with purple eyeshadows. It’s a super simple look, and if you add black eyeliner and false eyelashes or more layers of mascara, it will be perfect for a night out.

With purple eyeshadow, my first recommendation is that you use an eyeshadow primer. This will help you make the tones to apply easy, look more vibrant, and you can easily blend them.

Once you’ve applied the primer, use a light purple or lilac shadow as a transition shade. This shadow should be applied from the crease of the eye to almost reaching the eyebrow. Wear it in the outer two-thirds of the eye; that is, do not take it to the inside corner.

Next, use a darker purple shadow, but also matte to create depth in the eye. Use it on the outer corner, from lashes to the crease. If you have hooded eyes, you can take it a little higher than the crease without covering the lilac shade.

Then, blend these two shades very well to make it look smoky. It must be no noticeable where one shadow begins and where the other ends. If this step is difficult for you, help yourself with the lighter shade.

For the mobile eyelid, you can use a satin white or silver shadow or glitter. You can wear it in the inner two thirds. You shouldn’t see a line where the shiny shadow ends and the matte shadow begins. For that, you must apply a little of the dark shadow on top of the glitter.

Subsequently, on the lower eyelid, use the dark purple shadow as close as possible to the lash line. Then blend this shade with the lightest purple shade.

To finish, you only need to apply eyeliner and mascara. If you want, you can use false eyelashes and black eyeliner on the upper and lower waterlines to add more drama.

Share your experience

Now I would like to know what you think. Tell me how you feel about the post and if you agree or not with these recommendations. I would love to know your opinion.

Finally, remember that the magnificence of makeup is that it has no rules. Use the colors you like, play, and experiment with different styles, different shades, and new application techniques. If you don’t like something or it doesn’t suit you, nothing happens; you just have to wash your face and start over.

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