Is Makeup Dangerous? – We need to talk about this

Thanks to the internet and social networks, today, we can quickly find information on any subject. Recently, articles have been popping up about how harmful and dangerous cosmetics can be. But is this true? Is makeup dangerous?

Answering this question is complicated. If we review the history of makeup, we will find that, in the past, makeup products were made with extremely unsafe materials.

Many of these materials were used for thousands of years, without humanity knowing that they were getting sick from them. Later, when scientific research began, it was discovered that we could not put whatsoever in our cosmetics.

Nowadays, new research comes out daily about ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies. This has led to the most recognized makeup brands having to make changes when manufacturing their products, new ones, and old ones.

Additionally, there are government entities that control the ingredients and materials that are being used to create the products. This means, in my opinion, that it is increasingly hard to find potentially dangerous ingredients in cosmetics.

The above does not mean that we blindly trust what they are selling us. I believe that we must be careful with the products we use in our body, we must check the labels, and we must inform ourselves.

No need to panic

As I mentioned before, brands today must be more careful with the ingredients they put in their products. Not only because there are entities that control them, but also because it is not convenient for them to sell dangerous products.

Let’s remember what happened recently with Johnson & Johnson. This company was sued and had to pay a large amount of money to a woman who claimed that she had developed ovarian cancer for using the brand’s talc.

Personally, I don’t think any brand wants to risk, at least consciously, being sued, and paying large amounts of money for using harmful ingredients. Additionally, if we think further, the fact that a brand goes through something like this would generate bad publicity, which in the long term would also cause significant economic losses.

For this reason, I do not believe that brands are interested in making consumers sick or harming, as this would eventually cause them to lose money.

Even so, as I already told you, we mustn’t blindly trust everything they tell us and sell us. For this reason, I am going to mention some things we can do to avoid taking risks and being in contact with any ingredient that may be harmful to us.

Be careful where you buy

This is extremely important. Why? Because there are malicious people that try to imitate the products of recognized brands and sell them at a low price.

The problem with this is that the ingredients used to make these fake products can be extremely toxic, to the point that they can put your life and health at risk.

For this reason, you must be very careful about where you buy your cosmetics. If you think that a price is way below usual, be suspicious. Remember: cheap is expensive.

If you don’t know a distributor, it is better that you first check and inform yourself. Look for reviews, look for other people who have bought there. Don’t trust anyone who wants to sell you cheap makeup.

Now, I would like to clarify that I am not saying that all affordable makeup is harmful. Remember that there are drugstore brands that sell inexpensive products of quality. This happens because these brands generally spend their money on the ingredients. But they don’t spend as much on the packaging. In other words, with drugstore brands, in most cases, you are going to have great makeup, with inexpensive packaging.

In short, be very careful with where you buy your products. Prefer well-known supermarkets or pharmacies and avoid buying makeup on the street. If you find a suspiciously cheap product, it is better that you do not purchase it unless you first do very exhaustive research to be sure that it is original.

Ingredients to avoid

In addition to the above, we must know a little about the ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies. In most cases, the more natural a product is, the less damaging it will be.

For this, my main recommendation is that you read the labels with the ingredients. Remember that the first names on the list are those that have a higher concentration within the product.

So if most of the ingredients are components that you cannot even read, they are most likely chemicals, which, as far as possible, we should try to avoid.

Remember, this is not to say that all chemical ingredients are dangerous, but some of them can irritate your skin or make you age. Next, I am going to mention some of these products that we should avoid, or at least use less frequently:


Alcohol is a common ingredient in creams and toners. Its constant use can remove the natural oils from the skin, causing dryness, irritation, itching, and premature aging.


Fragrances are used in a large number of cosmetic products. These can have chemical compounds that can cause inflammation, especially in sensitive skin.


They are used mainly in personal hygiene products such as shampoos, soaps, etc. They can cause dryness and irritation.

We must inform ourselves.

In closing, I would like to say that I do not consider makeup to be dangerous. However, I do think that we should be careful about what we buy and where we buy it. For this reason, it is essential to go shopping from trusted sites and always read the ingredient label on products.

Finally, I would like us to remember that not all organisms are the same. I mean, what’s suitable for my skin type won’t necessarily be appropriate for yours. And what’s bad for you isn’t always going to be bad for me. This means that if a product generates a reaction, we should not go out and say that that product is dangerous and that everyone should stop using it. It only means that, for us, this product is not suitable.

I would love to read your opinions and thoughts on this topic, so I invite you to leave your comment at the bottom.

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