Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Palette – Is it really that good?

The long-awaited launch day of the new Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Palette has finally arrived. But is it as good as they say? Is it worth investing in it? Is that new shadow that everyone’s talking about so spectacular? Discover the answer to this and other questions below.

I will start by admitting that since I saw this new palette, I wanted to have it with me. It is indeed a neutral palette; however, it manages to attract the attention of consumers. Its shades, finishes, and overall color history look beautiful.

Also, if I am to be completely honest, the new shade that is supposed to be a completely original finish made me very curious. But we will focus on this shadow later. For now, let’s talk a little about the generalities of this new palette.

Well, on the brand’s website, it is mentioned that it is a limited edition. It costs 67 USD and is available in stores and online from November 3. According to Huda Beauty, this palette is the evolution of its iconic New Nude palette.

They also say that it is a sexy and daring palette, which has 18 perfect shades for you to achieve the modern smokey eye. Additionally, it has 5 finishes: matte, satin, marble matte, marble metallic, and the never-before-seen pearl gloss hybrid.

Shadows and finishes

As I already mentioned, in the Naughty palette, there are 18 shades in five finishes distributed as follows:

  • Matte shadows: Filthy, Hypnotic, Untamed, Rough, Spicy, Arouse, Naughty, and Juicy.
  • Shimmer shadows: Shameless, Please me, Irresistible, Tantric, and Desire.
  • Marble matte: Hard.
  • Marble Metallic: Passion, Flower Power, and Provocative.
  • Pearl Gloss Hybrid: Slippery.

The formula of these eyeshadows feels super creamy, like velvet. They have excellent pigmentation; they are easy to blend. They work very well with each other no significant effort is required.

On the other hand, I can tell you that you will not need additional products to make the shadows work since by themselves, they apply incredibly.

Pearl Gloss Hybrid: The new finish

Regarding the Slippery shade, which has the novel finish and never seen before, we have a little bit to talk about.

First, I can tell you that, when you see it in person, you realize that it is a transparent shadow, which has pearls that give it some color. Indeed, when you touch it, it feels like a gloss, and you can feel the shape of the balls which, transfer the color to this gloss.

When you apply this shadow, it feels smooth, not sticky, but you can’t really see a lot of pigment. In fact, it is practically transparent.

According to the recommendations given by the brand, this shadow can be used on your completely clean eyelid, and you can apply it with the help of your fingers or a flat brush. That is, the marketing that is given is that you can make a style only with this shade; you do not need anything else.

However, as I mentioned, the shadow does not give much pigmentation. Personally, I do not think I’d use it on my eyelids because it is not visible. This can be due to several factors. One of them may be that the palette does not have enough pearls that give color and, therefore, when applied, it looks transparent.

Marble shades

In my opinion, I feel that these shadows are not new. In some of the previous Huda Beauty palettes, I had seen similar things.

However, I can tell you that these shadows in this new palette pleasantly surprised me. The pigmentation is super beautiful, and you can see that there was an improvement in its formulation.

At first, when you touch the shadow and see it applied for the first time, it appears to be duo chromatic. However, when you see it better, you realize that it is two mixed colors. Therefore, depending on how you look at it, you will see one color or the other.

The above means that at the time of its application, we must be careful and make sure to take a little bit of both colors. In this way, the application will be uniform in both eyes.

Either way, I found these shadows excellent; they apply well on their own with a brush or fingers and give a stunning effect.

What I did not like

As in any palette, in general, in any brand, there were a couple of things that left me wanting more. This does not mean that the product is flawed, simply that there are shades that were not a good fit for me, either because of my preferences or my needs.

The first of these was the Tantric shadow. This shadow is in shimmer finish, and in the palette, it looks spectacular. However, when you applied it, it does not look so striking. I think that if we use it with the help of a fixing spray, it could look better. But, in any case, compared to the other shadows within the same palette, I am a bit disappointed.

The other shade that I didn’t like so much is Slippery. Credit must be given to the brand for experiment and tried to innovate but, this shadow personally, I did not like it. First, it does not seem to have good pigmentation when you applied it. It looks practically transparent; it also appears that you have used a little shine on the eyelid, and that’s it.

If we add to this, that in my case, I have a little greasy eyelid, I want you to imagine how uncomfortable a shadow of this type can feel.

However, I think that this type of shadow can be a good option for younger boys and girls; teens who want a fast, modern, magazine-like look. But for me, it’s a no. Maybe I would try to use it as a lip gloss, but not on my eyelids.

A super recommended palette

What can I tell you? I liked the palette a lot. Although it may seem like another neutral palette, it is great and versatile. The quality is superb, the application is easy, and the pigmentation is excellent.

With it, you will be able to make natural and beautiful looks. However, what is most striking is the fact that you can make yourself dramatic, sexy, and naughty looks. In fact, as the name implies, this is its intention.

Finally, I can tell you that with this launch, the brand stood out. It is noted that they are improving with each new product and, it is confirmed that Huda Beauty is here to stay. They started with false eyelashes and lipsticks and have progressed with each outcome.

But now I would like to know your opinions. Does this palette catch your attention? Do you think it is worth buying? And if you already bought it, do you like it? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below.

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