How to Wear Makeup and a Mask – Yes, you can do it

This year has brought us several changes. One of them has been the use of a new accessory: the mask. However, this garment should not be an impediment to wearing makeup. Therefore, in this post, I want to tell you how to wear makeup and a mask.

It is clear to everyone that 2020 changed the world. Not only has the way we perceive our environment changed. It has also changed the way we work, the way we live with our family, the way we dress, and even the way we communicate with others.

Additionally, it has brought an accessory that has become mandatory in our wardrobe. The mask is now an indispensable garment. Many of us don’t even conceive the idea of going out without it.

And it is not because we are obsessed or paranoid. There are cases in which we must wear it because it is simply not allowed to enter most establishments without it.

Besides, it is a garment that, also, at least in my case, makes me feel safe. I don’t think it makes me invincible, but I do believe it allows me to protect the people who are important to me, and that gives me peace of mind.

But the use of the mask has also led us to make changes in our skincare and makeup routine. And although we must always carry it with us, it does not mean that we have to sacrifice our love for makeup.

So below, I am going to mention some tips that can help you wear makeup under the mask.

Skincare is essential

I’m never going to get tired of saying it. For makeup to look good, we must take care of our skin. If we don’t have a good base on which to apply our beauty products, it will be difficult for them to look good.

And if we add to this the fact that in times of pandemic, we must add a foreign element to our face (the mask), that means we must pay even more attention to the care of our skin.

As you may have noticed, when we use a mask, our face feels warmer. Therefore, it sweats more, and additionally, much more wetness is generated. This makes our skin more prone to bacteria, dryness, clogging our pores, and breakouts.

For this reason, it is necessary that, first of all, we have a cleaning routine before and after makeup. We cannot forget to wash our face, neck, and décolleté with mild soaps and apply restorative tonics or serums.

Additionally, we must moisturize our skin very well. Before makeup, we can use light creams or gel moisturizers. I recommend that you avoid oils, as these could clog your pores and cause irritation.

As the place where we apply more makeup is the eyes, because it is the most visible place on our face when using the mask, you cannot forget a good cream for the eye contour.

When you get home, it is essential that you remove your makeup very well and that you clean your face again. At this time, you can use heavier creams and repair oils.

It is super important that you remember that the products you need depend on your skin type, so choose those that are most suitable for you.

The makeup under the mask

After skincare, the next step is to apply a good quality primer. Let us bear in mind that this product helps us maintain the hydration of our skin and prevents excess oil.

Additionally, the primer will help make the makeup resistant to water and sweat and can even make it resistant to the friction of the mask. For this reason, it is a necessary product in any makeup case.

Later, I recommend that you put the foundation aside and only use your concealer to hide the dark circles and illuminate that part of the face.

If you think it is essential to wear some foundation, I recommend a BB Cream or sunscreen with coverage. However, avoid using them as much as possible, as using a foundation and mask can make your skin exude more.

If you plan to remove the mask and you are going to show your face, you can apply some color on your cheeks with a cheek stain. This product is perfect to wear under the mask, as they are not greasy, they dry on the skin and do not transfer.

Once you apply your face makeup, you must seal it. This way, it will not move everywhere, and you will also prevent it from transferring.

For this, I recommend that you apply a very light layer of translucent powder. Immediately afterward, I suggest that you use a setting spray. This little trick will help the foundation, the concealer, and the power to incorporate, lengthen the duration of the makeup, and avoid the transfer of product.

The eyes will be the main focus.

Taking into account that the eyes are the most visible part of our face when we wear a mask, it is on these that our makeup will focus.

Be careful. This doesn’t mean that you should wear a lot of makeup since you will not be able to balance the look of your eyes with the sobriety of the lips because they will be covered.

The first thing for beautiful eye makeup is to apply a primer for eyeshadow or a good concealer. This will help the colors look more pigmented and will reduce the grease on the eyelids.

As for the type of shadows, it is best to use those that come in powder since creamy ones can accentuate the grease and can move over.

My recommendation for a daily look is a basic eyeshadow palette, with neutral tones that allow you to make different styles with a single palette.

Additionally, do not forget the mascara, since long and voluminous eyelashes will open your eyes and make you look more awake.

On the other hand, you can use a dark shadow to outline the line above the lashes or, you can use an eyeliner. However, I recommend that you use a waterproof one, as the mask may make your eyes water.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the eyebrows. For this step, you can use your usual makeup, but also try to make it waterproof.

Don’t forget the lips.

Even though the lips are covered most of the time, we cannot forget them.

Consistent use of a mask may make your lips more dry than usual. That is why you must moisturize them very well. I recommend that before putting on your makeup, you apply a moisturizing lip balm. When you get home and remove your makeup, put on it again so that they will not break.

When applying makeup, if you need to wear some color in them, I recommend lip stains. These can be worn in layers and do not transfer. You can also use matte liquid lipsticks, but keep in mind that these will dry out your lips a lot.

If it is not necessary for you, it is best that you wear just a lip balm or that you avoid putting on makeup. In this way, they will not be mistreated.

We must adapt to a new reality.

In summary, the use of a mask has brought with it a new makeup routine for those of us who do not want to stop using it. We must be a little more careful with the products that we apply and with how we apply them.

Let’s remember that the main thing is always going to be skincare. If we moisturize adequately, and if we consistently remove makeup, we will avoid breakouts and unnecessary irritations.

Finally, I hope that these little tricks will help you and make your life a little easier. If you have any other recommendations or want to leave your opinion, I would love to read it in the comments below.

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