How to do the No-Makeup Makeup Look – You’ll Look Fabulous

Fashion trends often change, so if you are one of those who prefer the most natural and uncomplicated styles, it is time to shine. Why? Because the current trend is the most natural style. For this reason, today, I am going to tell you how to do the no-makeup makeup look.

But first, we are going to talk a little about what this style of makeup is? And which its advantages are?. So let’s get started.

What is no-makeup makeup?

The no-makeup makeup style is a trend that seeks to highlight natural beauty. To this, the purpose is to show moisturized, perfect, luminous, beautiful, and above all, natural skin.

Although the idea is to seem like you are not wearing makeup, this does not mean that we do not use it. It means that we must use it in such a way that the products we are applying are not distinguished.

The main characteristics of this makeup style are skin with a natural finish and keeping the eyes and lips with a nude effect.

What are its benefits?

The advantages of this trend are several: First, the natural beauty of people is highlighted. For this, the skin looks juicy, with a light that seems to come out of the inside.

Second, to achieve this style, you need a small number of products. This means that you will not need an arsenal of makeup on your vanity table and, therefore, it will not take you that long to apply makeup.

Another of its advantages is that it is the perfect style for everyday. If you have some informal commitment, this makeup will look perfect on you.

And lastly, no-makeup makeup comes out with everything. That is, any style of clothing, any color, no matter what you use, it will look good on you and emphasize your features.

How to get it?

Now let’s go to the matter that interests us the most. How we get the no-makeup makeup look.

1. Have a good skincare routine. If you have read other posts that I have posted, you must be tired of always seeing the same thing. But the truth is that taking care of your skin is essential. You must moisturize it very well and protect it from the sun. Additionally, you should always remove your makeup and rehydrate before sleeping.

2. Apply a good primer. Another thing that I always repeat because it is super necessary. Remember that the primer will help your makeup last longer. If your skin type allows it, I recommend that you use a luminous primer, which makes your skin stay hydrated and look juicy and radiant.

3. The base is the secret. Contrary to popular belief, to achieve the no-makeup look, it is best to use a foundation with good coverage. The important thing is that you use one with a luminous finish, avoiding foundations with a matte finish at all costs. Apply to even out your skin tone and hide any imperfections.

4. Don’t forget the concealer. Like the foundation, you must use a concealer with good coverage, but that is not too heavy. That is, avoid those that have a very thick consistency and prefer those that are more liquid and manageable.

5. Seal the cream products. You must use a light powder to seal the cream products. Apply a thin layer all over your face with a fluffy brush. The best powders are those that leave your skin feeling fresh and silky.

6. Brighten your face. As I mentioned previously, one of the main characteristics of no-makeup makeup is that the skin looks radiant. For this reason, you should apply a highlighter to the upper areas of the face. Some of these areas are the upper part of the cheekbone and under the arch of the eyebrows. Also, you could highlight the inner corner of the eyes, the bridge and tip of the nose, and the cupid’s bow.

7. Color your cheeks. Use a natural blush, as close as possible to the color of your cheeks. For example, peach or pink tones are very flattering. This way, it will appear that the color is coming from within and not that it is a makeup product.

8. Eyeshadows are optional. The no-makeup makeup look is usually done without applying any shadows. However, you can use very soft and natural eyeshadows. For example, a brown shade a little darker than your skin tone can be applied in the crease and a lighter shade on the eyelid. To make it look natural, I recommend that they be matte tones. You can also just apply a shadow of the same color as your eyelid to even the pigment and nothing else. The important thing is that it looks like you are not actually wearing any eye shadow.

9. Highlight your lashes. Something essential in this type of makeup is to mark the eyelashes. Apply a coat or two of mascara both on top and bottom. This will make you look more awake and with expressive eyes.

10. Moisturize your lips. Finally, you must use a gloss or lip balm. Choose a color similar to the natural tone of your lips. Pink or peach colors are also very flattering. Ideally, your lips should look very moisturized, full, and beautiful.

What is better to avoid?

As I have repeated throughout the post, no-makeup makeup is characterized by the fact that it seems that you are not wearing any product on your skin. For this reason, it is best to avoid colored shadows, contours, colored lipsticks, eyeliners, and eye pencils.

This is because these products are visible on your skin, and it is very noticeable that you are wearing them.

Why should you try it?

No-makeup makeup is a super strong trend today. Besides that, you look more natural. It highlights your features and makes you look absolutely beautiful.

To top it off, it takes you much less time to put on makeup, and you spend less money on cosmetic products. Finally, in my opinion, when you mostly use this type of more natural makeup, when you do a more elaborate one, you will stand out a lot.

Now I would like to know your opinion. What do you think of this trend? Would you like to try it? Tell me in the comments below.

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