Fall Makeup Trends For 2020 – Some Ideas

A new season has arrived, and with this, a fresh opportunity to experiment with our makeup. For this reason, I think it’s good that we take into account what the makeup trends will be in the fall of 2020.

There is no doubt that this year has not been easy. We have had to make a change in our way of life and, therefore, in our daily routine.

When it comes to makeup, it is most likely that many of us consider that it is unnecessary to use it, since, after all, most of the time we are at home and when we have to go out, we must use a mask.

However, this has not been an impediment to new trends and new makeup products to continue to come out, so, in this post, I would like to tell you a little bit about the latest styles that are going to be seen during this fall season.

The secret: natural skin.

What is most expected for this season, and it is something that has been seen for a couple of months, is to
wear the skin with a very natural finish.

What is sought with natural skin is that the face looks radiant and hydrated, that you do not see yourself cakey, and that it seems that you are not wearing makeup.

To that end, the main thing is that you have a good skincare routine, that is, for nothing in the world, you can forget to apply your moisturizer, your sunscreen, and a primer before the foundation. If you would like to add to this, serums and masks so much the better.

Additionally, I recommend that you use light foundations, the more liquid, the better, and for its application, you should do it in light layers until you get the coverage you want. Later, if you need it, apply a little concealer to hide your dark circles and any other imperfections.

Concerning powders, something important is that you apply them as lightly as possible, so you will avoid it concentrating on wrinkles and expression lines and make them much more noticeable.

Finally, try to use very soft pink blushes, preferably creamy, since these make it seem that the color of your cheeks comes from the inside and, therefore, is much more natural.

Your eyes: The center of attention.

Regarding eye makeup, for this season, you can have different options, from the most natural with just eyeliner to the application of bright and somewhat crazy colors. The important thing is that they stand out in some way.

You can try, for example, a smoky eye look with neutral tones, brown and orange shadows will be your best option, and do not forget to bring some shine on your mobile eyelid. I recommend very bright gold and copper colors to highlight to the maximum.

Although the most common during this time are the aforementioned neutral tones, for this fall, there have also been styles with shadows in blue and lilac tones. We could see as well shadows with a watercolor effect, in which vivid colors are applied on the eyelids, in an apparently careless way, creating an abstract look.

If you are not so risky, but you would like to wear some color on your eyelids, what you can do is apply a touch of color in the inner corner of your eye, for example, in a yellow or orange color.

Another style that you can try is to apply only eyeliner. You can use a pencil on the water lines above and below and apply a cat eyeliner on top. If you are a bit riskier, you can use metallic colored eyeliners on top of black.

Continuing with the eyeliners, something that is expected to be very fashionable for this fall is the floating eyeliner. These are characterized by making a line parallel to your natural shape just above the crease of your eye.

In addition to these eyeliner trends, something that appears more and more, especially in social networks such as Instagram, is the geometric lines in the eyes. So if you want to show off your inner artist, try to make a few lines on your eyelids with different colors, and you will stand out like never before.

Whatever style you choose to wear in your eyes, you must bring some light in the inner corner of your eye, either with a shimmering shadow or with your highlighter.

Finally, you have to highlight the eyelashes above and below, either wearing false eyelashes or several coats of your favorite mascara. The important thing is that they look voluminous and elongated.

Eyebrows: The frame of the eye.

For this fall season, the eyebrows can be worn in the most natural way possible. If your eyebrows are already thick and you only need to fill one space or another, use a powder shadow or an eyebrow pencil.

If, on the other hand, your eyebrows require a little more elaboration, I recommend that you use two products. One product to fill them in, either in pencil or powder and the other one could be a pen or a pomade, to create the illusion of hairs to make it look more natural.

Lips: Classic does not go out of style.

For the fall season, as usual, the red and brown tones for lips return. To give it a newer touch, what is being done is giving them a touch of gold, neon, or even mixing them with another color to make them more striking.

Despite the above, the nude tones are not going to go this season. It is convenient to use them if you have a very striking eye look so that all the attention is taken by the eyes. If, on the other hand, you have a more subtle eye style, the best option is to highlight your lips with a deeper tone like Burgundy.

Regarding the finish of the lipsticks, those that dry in matte are still the favorites. However, lipsticks with a more moisturizing effect, such as velvet ones and even glosses, are being used a lot, since they do not dry out the lips as much and they do not highlight the texture you may have in them.

Choose what you like the most.

To summarize, within the trends of this season, the most anticipated are:

  • Wear our skin as natural as possible: the essential thing is to see ourselves healthy and radiant.
  • The use of neutral tones, browns, and oranges to highlight the eyes and lips.
  • Nude tones for the lips when using heavy makeup on the eyes, and deep tones on the lips when wearing a simple look on the eyes.
  • Choose between wearing a matte lipstick, velvet, or a gloss, depending on your needs.

Additionally, let’s not forget that makeup is all about having fun, so if none of these trends catches your eye, it doesn’t matter: you can use what you like.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing, a lot or a little because if you feel uncomfortable, it will be reflected in your behavior.

And finally, if you try to use any of these trends and it doesn’t come out right away, don’t worry, keep trying. One of the benefits of makeup is that you can take it off when you’re done.

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