Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes – You need to Try Them

Hooded eyes or droopy eyelids are a common feature that many people have. However, not all of us know how we should make them up to make them stand out. For this reason, today, I would like to give you some eye makeup tips for hooded eyes.

First of all, I would like to clarify that these types of eyes are not exclusive to older people. In fact, many of us have them this way from the moment we are born.

The main characteristic of hooded eyes is that the moving eyelid can hardly be seen when our eyes are open. That is because the skin under the brow falls over the eyelid and covers it almost completely.

Additionally, in most cases, the outer corner of the eyelid is lower than the inner corner.

The above can make our eyes look tired and sad. For this reason, it is necessary to know what are the techniques that will help us to hide the drooping eyelid.

Raise your eyebrows.

The first thing we must do with our eyes is to create the illusion that they are higher. For this, the most recommended is that you apply a shade lighter than your skin tone, just below the arch of the eyebrow.

Be careful, don’t apply it under the entire brow, just under the arch. Otherwise, the effect will not be seen.

Start creating a new crease.

Now what we have to do is create a new basin higher than the natural one. For this, use a matte transition shadow, and apply it up between the crease of the eyelid and the eyebrow.

You may feel at first that you are applying makeup too high, but remember that this will create the illusion that your eye is more elevated.

The important thing is that you go as high as you can, leaving only a small space between your eyebrow and the transition shadow. Just the area that you illuminated in the previous step.

Another significant point is that you do not take these shadows to the inner corner. Just apply them to the outer two-thirds, creating a kind of semicircle. Otherwise, you will make the eye look smaller and closed.

Create depth.

Now what we are going to do is take a darker matte shadow. At this point, you can play with your creativity.

If you want something soft and effortless, use a neutral shadow a little darker than your skin tone. If you want something more dramatic, use a very dark shadow (for example, purple or dark brown). The colors depend on your tastes.

Apply this shadow in the crease of your eye and lift it up a bit without completely covering the transition shadow that you put before. I recommend that you wear this shadow only in the outer third, forming a kind of triangle.

Depending on the style you are looking for, you can apply one or more layers of this darker shade. And remember, as you lay it, blur it very well. This way, you will not see where a shadow begins and ends.

Additionally, take this shadow to the outer third of the lower eyelid, connecting it with the upper part. Later, blend a little with the transition shadow.

Do not forget that it is particularly meaningful that you apply all these shadows in ascending order. This way, it will appear that your eye is more raised.

A new eyelid.

Now comes the part of creating a more sweeping eyelid that is not covered by the skin under your brow.

For this step, you can use a matte or shimmer shadow, it depends on your tastes and the style you are looking for. The important thing is that it be a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Apply this shadow from the inner corner of your eye to the outer third, without covering the darkest shadow. As we are creating a wider eyelid, I recommend that you wear this shade a little higher than the crease of your eye. In this way, when they look at you from the front with your eyes open, the lightest shadow will be visible and will not hide under the crease.

You can also wear this shadow or an even lighter one in the inner corner of the eye (you can use your highlighter). You can even drag it a little towards the lower eyelid.

Final look.

To complement your eye makeup, do not forget the eyelashes. If you like false eyelashes, I recommend the ones that are longer in the outer corner. If, on the other hand, you prefer only to use mascara, take about two layers on top, focusing mainly on the outer corner.

Other tricks.

Some other tips that can help you if you have a hooded eye are the following:

  • Use a thinner eyeliner: Are you one of those who do not feel that a makeup style is complete without eyeliner?. Then my recommendation is that you apply it as thins as possible. The thicker the line, the less eyelid you will see. Additionally, try not to let the line go all the way to the inside corner because your eyes will look smaller.
  • Prefer matte shadows: Shimmer shadows are very pretty yet, use them only for highlighting. If you use a shimmer shade for the crease or as a transition, you are going to highlight the droopy eyelid and, that is probably the last thing you want to do.

To conclude…

I will never get tired of saying that makeup has no rules. These tricks that I give you are just so that you know them. If you are just learning and want to know new techniques. Or maybe you hadn’t realized that you could do this with makeup.

However, what is most important is that you have fun. No matter how you apply it, the essential thing is that you feel beautiful. And if you don’t like something, don’t forget that you just have to wash your face and try again.

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