e.l.f x Chipotle Collection – I didn’t see this coming

The drugstore makeup brand e.l.f surprises us with a collaboration that nobody expected with the fast-food brand chipotle. But how good is it? Is it worth buying? Continue with this post, and let’s find out together the answers to these and other questions about e.l.f x Chipotle Collection.

Let’s start by talking a little about the companies that are part of this collection. First, we have the e.l.f makeup brand, which is recognized for being a brand with affordable prices. We can find it in drugstores and supermarkets such as Walmart. On the other hand, we have Chipotle – Mexican grill, a fast-food brand specialized in tex-mex food, with locations in 5 countries. 

Basically, both e.l.f and chipotle are recognized companies in several parts of the world. However, personally, it had never crossed my mind that such a collaboration would be featured. This is not to say that I am not very excited. But without further ado, let’s talk now about the products that form the collection.

e.l.f x Chipotle Collection Components

e.l.f Chipotle Collection components

Four products are part of the collection. First, we have a cosmetic bag or makeup bag. Second, and in my opinion, the component that excites me the most, we have an eyeshadow palette. The third product is a duo of sponges for applying makeup. Lastly, we have a lip gloss.

In the following sections I would like to tell you about each of the products that I have just mentioned:

Eyes Chips Face Makeup Bag

The first component of the collection is a cosmetic bag that resembles the takeout packaging found at Chipotle. Basically, it resembles a cardboard bag covered with a plastic layer that helps it not be wasted. Inside, it seems to be lined with aluminum foil. Something like the material that food bags have and that helps keep it warm.

What can I tell you about the bag? It is beautiful and original. You can use it as a cosmetic bag or store anything you can think of, for example, pens. Personally, I think you can even use it to carry your lunch. However, I don’t think it is the most outstanding product in the collection. Basically, it is not a product that I want to have in my makeup collection.

Extra Guac Face Sponge Set

In the sponge duo, we find a sponge that looks like half an avocado and a smaller sponge that looks like an avocado seed. That is, together, it seems like an avocado cut in half. The brand recommends using the green sponge to apply foundation all over your face. The small one can be used to apply concealer and to reach places where you require more precision, such as the sides of the nose or the eyelids when doing a cut-crease.

I must tell you that these sponges awe me as the cutest thing in the world. Additionally, I must add that the idea of ​​these sponges seemed fabulous to me. Something totally new and consistent with the collaboration. Regarding the quality, for me, it is equal to any of the e.l.f makeup sponges. If you have ever tried their sponges and liked them, these are also going to be to your liking. If you have never tried them, I can tell you that they are softer and less porous than the Beauty Blender ones.

As for the sponges, I must tell you that I loved them. In addition to being very attractive and pretty at first glance, the quality is excellent. Personally, I love this type of sponge that is soft and feels like a caress on the face. However, if you prefer slightly firmer sponges like Murphy’s, you won’t like these makeup sponges.

Eyeshadow Palette

As I said before, from my point of view, the palette is the main component of the collection. To begin with, I can tell you that the idea of ​​the palette is very original. The brands basically tried to represent the shadows as if they were the ingredient options that we see in Chipotle restaurants to personalize the dishes. In total, we have 12 shades that come in three terminations: matte, metallic, and shimmer.

It’s basically a neutral palette that has pops of color in green and orange. That means, with this palette, you will be able to make a good number of looks for every day and others a little more original with some color. As for the swatches, I can tell you that they are not the best I have seen in my life, but they are not the worst either.

The quality of the eyeshadows is high, especially if we consider the palette price. The matte shadows are very easy to work with, don’t have fallout, transfer perfectly to the eyelids, and blend very well without much effort. Regarding metallic and shimmer shadows, they are pretty and easy to work with. They have a little bit of fallout but nothing that we can’t handle with a little bit of care. Now, I should tell you that they are not the most reflective shadows in life because it is not like that. However, for a drugstore brand, they have an excellent transfer.

In short, I can tell you that I liked the palette and I recommend it. I find it an accurate, helpful palette and very easy to work with. It has a good quality; a great price and the concept is very original.

Make It Hot Lip Gloss

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about the lip product that the collection has. It is a plump gloss that comes in a single shade called Hot Salsa.

About the gloss, let me tell you that it is translucent, it gives only a little red color, it does not have shimmer, and it smells a little bit of sauce. It is not a strong or unpleasant smell, but it is unique, that it has a subtle fragrance that reminds you of sauce. Additionally, I must tell you that it is a very sticky and heavy product. As for the plump effect, I can tell you that you feel a slight itch on the lips; it is not painful or uncomfortable, and the sensation goes away after a minute or two.

As for the gloss, according to my needs and my tastes, it is not what I like the most. It seems to me that it gives you a light and cute tone on the lips. However, I prefer the lighter glosses; this one seemed very heavy to me. Still, if you like these types of stickier products, I recommend this one.

Final Opinions on the e.l.f x Chipotle Collection

Finally, the only thing I can tell you is that I really liked the collection. It is a very original and creative idea, with great prices and excellent quality. The products that I liked the most and I highly recommend are the sponges and the eyeshadow palette. My least favorite products were the cosmetic bag and the gloss.

I understand that the collection is about to run out. As mentioned by the brand, they do not have planned to renew the inventory of these products. That is, when the stocks have finished, they will not have more. So, if any of these products caught your attention, I recommend you buy them soon.

Now I would like to know what you think about this collection. Let me know in the comments below. Additionally, if you would like me to talk about any other topic or other products, do not hesitate to let me know.

Until next time!

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