Disney Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop – What dreams are made of

Have you ever seen such a wonderful collection? Let’s talk today about the new Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop collection that was released on March 26.

Focus, people! References aside, I must admit that I am a super fan of Lizzie McGuire. I grew up with this incredible series, and I felt totally identified with the characters in it. Also, I’m not ashamed to say that I still watch its episodes and obviously the movie from time to time.

For this reason, when this collaboration was announced, my heart leaped into the stratosphere. I knew I should do this review, and I should do it as soon as possible. So if you want to know all the details about this collection, keep reading.

Components of the Lizzie McGuire Collection

Disney Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop Collection

The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, four glosses, a lip scrub, two blushes, and two gel glitters.

Personally, I consider the main component to be the palette: What dreams are made of. However, I would like to tell you a little about all the products, so let’s get started.

Better Zoom! – Pressed Powder Blush Set

As I mentioned earlier, this set includes two blushes. The first one is Dee-lish!, a light pink blush with a somewhat cold undertone. This is perfect for skins from the most porcelain to light-medium skin tones.

The second blush is called You are Magnifico, and this one has a deeper, warmer pink tone than the previous one. This means that it is recommended for deeper skin tones.

About the blushes, I can tell you that they have pretty and flattering shades. However, we must bear in mind that the glitter they have may make the skin texture more noticeable. That means if we have open pores or scars, they will be more pronounced when applying these types of blushes.

Still, if you like blushes that, in addition to giving you color, give a lot of shine, these are perfect for you. Also, remember that in Lizzie McGuire’s time, this type of blush with glitter was the most used, especially since, at that time, no highlighter was used.

What Dreams Are Made Of – Shadow Palette

Now is time to talk about the component that excites me the most. First of all, I must mention that these tones are very consistent with the time and the series. As for the terminations, we find matte, glitter-infused matte, satin, and pressed glitter shades. Additionally, the palette comes with a good size mirror.

Regarding the palette, I must tell you that I loved it. The shadows have excellent quality, like most of the ColourPop products. However, it seems relevant to mention that the Don’t Freak shade, which is the lime green in a matte finish, is a shade that requires a bit more work than the others. My recommendation is to apply it with a flat brush to deposit color and blend it later. If you use it with a blending brush, the tone will not be as vibrant, and it will look duller.

Nonetheless, the other palette shades are super easy to work with, have dreamy pigment, and blend into each other wonderfully.

Bubblegum Pop – Lippie Scrub

About the lip scrub, there is not much to say. Personally, I really liked it, it is a product that gives you a very gentle exfoliation, it feels soft and pleasant on the lips. As the name implies, it has a bubble gum aroma. Thanks to the fact that it is made up of super subtle particles combined with a balm, this product does not mistreat your lips and does what it says, conditions, and softens the lips.

Glittery Gloss Duos – So juicy Plumping Glosses

As for the lipsticks, we find two kits that contain two glosses each. These glosses have a plumping formula that leaves your lips feeling fresh and an incredible bubble gum scent.

The first kit is called Dear Diary. The glosses included are Lizzie: a completely translucent lipgloss, and Miranda: a very subtle pink lipgloss that just adds a little color to the lips. In the Seriously Cool kit, we find Gordo, a gloss with a colder pink tone but still very translucent. Finally, there is Ethan Craft: which has a slightly more orange hue but, like the others, is super clear and with a lot of glitters.

As for the glosses, I must tell you that I loved the idea, the packaging, and the subtle tones very much in keeping with the time. However, they have a really thick formula, so you should apply it very carefully. Else, they can accumulate at the lips commissure and cause gloss lines that look very unpleasant when we speak and/or open our mouth for something.

Totally Me! – Glitter Gel Set

Finally, we have two glitter gels. The first is Sing to Me Paolo, which is a translucent gel with rainbow glitter. The second one is Get a Grip!, which has a pink shade and rainbow glitter too.

Remember that these glitters are not designed to be applied to the face, much less near the eyes. However, I must tell you that they are super beautiful and of excellent quality. You can use them on the body or even on the hair, and they are so from the first decade of the 2000s when we all wanted glitter everywhere.

Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop Final Opinions

To finish, I think it is pretty clear that I loved the collection. It is funny, creative, and witty. It is possible to see that the brand captured the essence of the show. But not just that, we can see, the heart of the generation that grew up watching it too. They also included the time trends with all the glitter, colors, fashion, and even scents.

Additionally, the packaging is incredible. It all reflects what Lizzie McGuire was. The graphics are simply beautiful and perfectly combine the brand style with the show style with which they collaborate.

Regarding the products, I can tell you that my favorite was, without a doubt, the eyeshadow palette. Everything from the packaging, the shades, and the quality is marvelous. As for what I liked the least, I must say that unfortunately, it was the glosses, which looked very heavy and sticky on the lips.

But now I would like to know your opinions. Do you like this collaboration? Does it attract your attention? or do you think it was unnecessary? Whatever it is, leave it in the comments. I would love to read it.

Until next time!

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