Ciaté London X Miss Piggy Collection – An Unexpected Collaboration

A few days ago, this collaboration came out and took many of us by surprise. If you want to know all the details about Ciaté London X Miss Piggy Collection, let’s start with the review.

Ciaté London is a British indie makeup brand that has been in the market for over 10 years. They recently surprised us with their new collaboration with Disney from which the Miss Piggy collection emerges.

This collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, a blush palette, a makeup sponge, different lip gloss bullets, a lip balm, and a mirror. Additionally, it has the VIP bundle that includes the blush palette, lip balm, and makeup sponge.

Unfortunately, in some countries, including the United States and Canada, the collection is not complete. In these countries, the eyeshadow palette and some of the lip glosses are not available.

For this reason, for this review, I will only talk about the mirror, the makeup sponge, the blush palette, and the lip balm.

Who? Moi? Mirror

Pink mirror with Miss Piggy's face in the back

This is a pink vanity mirror, which has Miss Piggy’s face print on its back. This is a collector’s item, priced at 20 USD.

I personally found this mirror beautiful. It is the right size mirror of excellent quality. Basically, like any other mirror, it does the job. However, what makes it different is obviously Miss Piggy’s face on the back.

If you are a fan of The Muppets and especially Miss Piggy, this is a mirror that you will want in your collection as soon as possible.

Piggy Perfector – Blending Sponge

Pink sponge with Miss Piggy's nose at thee bottom

Next, let’s talk a little about the makeup sponge that comes in the collection, and that has a cost of 15 USD. It is pink, and it’s inspired by Miss Piggy’s nose. The website mentioned that this product will make your makeup look flawless as if you had applied it with an airbrush.

Like most sponges, you should humidify it before using it. Once wet, the sponge increases in size considerably. In fact, it grows a little more than the Beauty Blender.

Regarding the application of makeup, I could see that it was super simple; the sponge has a great bounce, it is not very hard or very soft. In fact, it could be mentioned that its quality is like the Beauty Blender, so if you like that one, chances are you like the Piggy Perfector too.

Additionally, let me tell you that I really liked that the sponge ended at a point and had a flat part. This makes applying makeup around the eyes and in the corners of the nose much effortless.

All About Moi! – Blush palette

Blush palette with four tones


Let’s talk now about the blush palette. First, I tell you that this palette has a cost of 32 USD. It has a cream formula and is made-up of four tones, two pinks, one coral, and one peach.

According to what Ciaté mentions on their website, these four blushes are all-inclusive, which means they adapt to all skin tones. About the formulas, you can find within the palette three of them: matte, sheen, and glow. Additionally, they mention that the palette has a donut aroma.

Well, the palette packaging seemed beautiful to me, and indeed I feel that the colors would look good on many skin tones. The palette comes with great size and good quality mirror, which was to be expected considering the price of the palette.

Regarding the formula, at first, it seemed curious. When you touch it at the beginning, it feels like a powder, but once you take several strokes with your fingers, it feels creamy.

The blushes apply well and are easy to work with before sealing. They are perfect for dry skin as they will make your skin look juicy and luminous. If you have combination or oily skin, my recommendation is that you seal them with translucent powder or another powder blush.

Anyway, blushes are cute, manageable, and have good pigmentation. Depending on your tastes and needs, it can be a great addition to your makeup collection.

Love Moi – Lip balm

Rose lip balm

Finally, let’s talk a little about the lip balm, which costs 20 USD. Based on what I found, it helps you prep and perfects your lips. The formula of this balm promises to be super hydrating and give your lips a pink tint. Additionally, they mention that it has super nutritious ingredients and that, like the palette, it has the smell of a donut.

Well, this balm is beautiful. It does seem to be super hydrating and gives you a very subtle pink tone. The formula is light and soft and absorbs quickly.

The VIP (Very Important Pig) Collection

VIP Bundle with a blush palette, a blender sponge and a lip balm

This bundle is sold for 59 USD. In it, you will find the All About Moi! Blush palette, the Love Moi lip balm, and the Piggy Perfector sponge.

Clearly, this bundle is worth it if you were thinking of buying these products separately since you will save almost 10 USD.

Last opinions

The Miss Piggy collection is ideal for those people who are fans of the character.

Personally, there were products that I liked and products that weren’t a good fit for me.

The products that I liked the most were the mirror and the makeup sponge. They are not essential products, but I found them beautiful and of good quality. Now, you will likely find much more affordable sponges and mirrors, so I only recommend them if you love Miss Piggy.

One of the things that disappointed me was the fact that several people mentioned that neither the palette nor the balm smelled like donuts. In fact, no scent was felt. Now, I am clear that we do not buy makeup for its aroma but for its functionality. However, everywhere they mentioned this so-called aroma, and it was a downer that no smell was perceived.

The blushes palette has good quality. Yet, I am not very fond of cream blushes. But I consider it to be an excellent product, especially for people who have dry skin.

Finally, the lip balm is pretty and feels good on the lips. But as with the other things in the collection, you can find others of good quality, and even better at lower prices.

In short, this collection is perfect for those who are Miss Piggy’s fans and for those who like this type of product.

But now I would like to know: what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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