Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners – You need nothing else

As you already know, makeup is in trend today. Every day many videos, articles, and photographs are published in which you can see new products, new techniques, and original makeup looks. However, not all of us know what elements we need and how we should apply the makeup to emphasize our features and hide those imperfections that we want to hide.

In fact, when my love for makeup started, I had no idea what to buy, much less how to use it. For this reason, today, I would like to talk to you about a basic makeup kit for beginners to make a simple but beautiful look. My goal is to prevent you from making the mistakes that I had to make.

First Step: The Perfect Canvas

The first thing we must do is remember that our face should be our canvas, and for this, we must prepare it in the best way to apply the products that will be on top.

For this, the main thing is a moisturizing cream, which should meet the needs of your skin type. It does not matter if you have oily, dry, combination, or normal skin, for nothing in the world should you forget to moisturize it.

Later, you can start applying makeup products that will help your skin look healthy and natural.


In my opinion, the primer is an essential product in any makeup kit. I believe that at this time, it is not advisable to leave all the work to the base.

The primer will help your skin look better and, therefore, will make the foundation look better. Additionally, this product will make the makeup that you put on top to stay there for longer, looking its best.

At this point, it is also super important that you choose the right primer for you. You can find many types, for example: to reduce the appearance of pores, to mattify, to moisturize, to illuminate, among many others.

Foundation or BB Cream:

The next product is the foundation. Depending on your needs, you can use a foundation or a BB Cream.

The difference between these two is that the BB Cream is slightly lighter, while the foundation can help to cover a little more.

Either way, you must bear in mind that when buying these products, you must take into account your skin type. Do not forget that there are foundations for dry, oily, combination, or normal skin.

Additionally, you must choose the foundation with the right color. However, do not worry if the first time you buy it, you’re wrong in the tone, that even happens to the most experienced people. But as much as possible, try to make the product as close to your skin tone as possible.

Liquid concealer:

After applying the foundation, what follows is concealer. Don’t complicate yourself by buying a concealer palette of all colors (green, salmon, yellow, etc.).

When we are beginners, buying such a palette is unnecessary. First, because we don’t know what each color is for. And second, you will most likely only use one or two shades from that palette.

My recommendation is that you buy a concealer the same tone as your skin, or a shade lighter.

Additionally, in my opinion, it is better that you buy a liquid one instead of a stick one. I’m telling you this because a liquid concealer is easy to handle and blend. Additionally, a concealer stick can make your fine lines appear more prominent.

Translucent powder:

Next, you must seal all cream products. If you forget this step, liquid products may concentrate on your fine lines and therefore make them look much more pronounced. Another thing that can happen to you if you forget the powder is that the products could move everywhere, and the makeup lasts less time on your face.

I recommend that you use a very light translucent powder. A colorless powder is best preferred, as powders that have some color will add coverage. This may make your makeup look much heavy and can even make you look cakey.

Contour palette:

The last thing you need for your face is a contouring palette to add dimension.

Contouring palettes generally have three main products: a contour, a blush, and a highlighter.

These three products will make your face look much more natural and defined. I recommend that you apply the contour first. This can be worn under the cheekbones, on the edge of the forehead, and under your jaw. Additionally, you can use it on the sides of your nose to make it look more refined.

Later, you can apply the blush, which will be concentrated on the apples of the cheek. Blend it up, as if you were going to wear it to the temple.

Finally, use the highlighter to highlight the upper parts of the face. On the cheeks, under the arch of the eyebrow and the tear-duct.

Second step: highlight your look

The next step is to bring life to your eyes. For this, the primary products are as follows.

Eyebrow product:

The first thing you should do is frame your eyes. The eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, and even if you have the eye makeup with the best shadows, if your eyebrows do not look good, the makeup will not look good.

The product you should buy will depend on your needs. If your eyebrows are already the right shape and you only need to fill a few small spaces, I recommend a powder product.

If they require more elaboration, you can use a pencil or an eyebrow pomade.

Basic eyeshadow palette:

For this step, eyeshadow palettes with neutral tones are the best option. You don’t need a palette with all the shadow colors.

If you have a quality product with four or six shades, it will be more than enough.

If you want to spend less, you can even use your contour or your blush as a transition shadow. Then, you can apply a little highlighter on your mobile eyelid, you will look spectacular.


This step is not mandatory. However, I do consider it to be an essential product.

If you are a beginner, my recommendation is that you use a creamy brown pencil. Why a pencil? Because if you make a mistake, it is easier to correct it. I recommend this color because it is also easier to handle than black.

Despite the above, I do recommend that you invest in a good black liquid eyeliner. The pen-shaped ones are the best since it makes the application easier.


The mascara is super important. This will help your gaze look more awake.

I recommend that you buy the one that meets your needs. There are masks to give volume, to lengthen, to curl, etc.

Also, keep in mind that if you are someone whose eyes water a lot or who sweats a lot, you most likely need a waterproof mask.

Third Step: Healthy Lips

From my point of view, plump lips that look moisturized and healthy are the final step to perfect makeup.


If you want your lips to look healthy, I recommend the lipsticks in creamy finishes or the glosses.

However, if you like lipsticks in a matte finish, you can use them. But keep in mind that this formula tends to dry out the lips a lot and make the texture of your lips much more noticeable.

Regarding the colors, that will depend on your tastes. In my case, the main ones are a nude one, a red one, and a soft pink one.

Fourth Step: Main Tools

We already talked about the main products. Now it is necessary to talk about the tools you will need to apply them.

Many of the ones I mentioned can be applied with your hands. However, personally, I prefer to use brushes or sponges. For this reason, I recommend that you have a set of essential brushes and a sponge to apply your makeup.

You shouldn’t spend a fortune.

Keep in mind that, in the beginning, you will not need all the products in the store to do beautiful makeup.

On the other hand, these products that I recommend you, you can find them anywhere and at different prices. Invest in the one you feel most comfortable with.

Remember that if you consider that any of these products is not for you, you should not purchase it. Additionally, I recommend that you review the opinions of other people so that you get a better idea and are very well-informed.

I would like to read your comments and opinions, so don’t forget to leave them at the bottom.

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