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Welcome to My Makeup Land, here you are going to find all the information you need about the wonderful makeup world. No matter how much experience you have with makeup, My Makeup Land will be your trusted site, here you will find the latest news about the industry, the latest launches and the products that best suit your needs.

Why Makeup?

For me makeup is a form of expression. A few years ago I realized that makeup was an escape route for me, it kept me away from negative thoughts and helped me feel better about myself.

I cannot tell you that I have always been obsessed with makeup, in fact most of my life I did not even wear it, my life purpose was to be invisible since I was a very shy person and I did not like attention. However, on any given day, I was bored and I decided to watch makeup videos on YouTube and I was amazed at how much these makeup artists could do and I discover that I wanted to try it too.

This is how my journey in the world of makeup started, I am not an expert, actually, I consider myself a dabbler, but I love to be aware of what is happening in this world, the latest releases, new products, new trends and many other things.

So if you are like me, and you want to walk this incredible path with me, I propose that we learn together, discover new techniques and new products, because I have the firm belief that everyone, absolutely everyone, is welcome in the makeup world.

Why Did I Decide to Create My Makeup Land?

My main motivation is to help people who feel they don’t know much about makeup and don’t know anything about brands or products to find the items that fit all their needs.

My central idea was to create a page where everything people were looking for could be found, from information about what a product is, what it is for, how it can be used, what tools are needed to apply it, what are the different ways of use it and for what kind of needs the product was created.

Additionally, I think it is very important that we know what these products are made of, how they affect or help our skin, where they come from, if they require us to store them in any special way, how we should take care of them so that they can be used for a longer time, between many other things.

What I Want For You?

What I really wish is that in My Makeup Land you find the information you need to make a good decision, that you know what you need for your skin type, for your features, to achieve the look you want. Also, I would like us to learn together about new techniques, new products, ingredients, the best tools for their application, and so much more.

Finally, I hope that in My Makeup Land you will find a community in which we are all welcome, all opinions are respected and we resolve any doubts we have, so that together we can learn and grow within this wonderful world of makeup.

All the best,



Founder of My Makeup Land

Contact me: malexa@mymakeupland.com

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